Taking a boat to Skellig Micheal with Kingdom Guided Tours
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National Park

This   full-day   tour. This   to   will   take   you   through Killarney   National   Park   and   Killarney   Town.   You will   visit   Muckross   House   and   Ross   Castle   on the   edge   of   the   Lakes.   You   can   walk,   cycle   or take   the   traditional   jaunting   car   ride   through the   park.   While   in   the   park   you   will   experenice the   peace   and   tranquility   of   the   gardens.   We will    visit    Muckross    Abbey    and    the    natural power   of   Torc   Waterfall.   Outside   the   Park,   we will   take   a   trip   to   Aghadoe,   where   there   are panoramic   views   of   the   lakes   and   mountains. Then   its   lunch   time   in   one   of   Killarneys   famous pubs,   where   you   can   sample   traditional   Irish Cuisine   maybe   even   a   pint   of   Guinness. After   a leisurely   lunch   we   will   take   a   tour   of   the   town where   there   are   many   places   of   interest   to see.

The Famous Ring of Kerry

This   is   a   once   in   life   time   tour   and   one   not   to be   missed.   Our   day   begins   with   a   drive   along the   scenic   Ring   of   Kerry   in   our   luxurious   air conditioned   transport.   You   will   visit   the   Island of   Valentia   an   area   of   outstanding   beauty   . The fishing   village   of   Pormagee   with   an   option   to visit the Skellig experience centre . Driving   to   the   heights   point   overlooking   the great   bays   of   the   Wild   Atlantic   Way   .   Our   tour will    lead    us    along    to    the    Killarney    National Park and the town of Killarney .






Blarney & Kinsale

This   tour   is   created   for   those   who   arrive   into Cobh   .   You   will   be   picked   up   from   your   ship and   then   travel   to   Blarney   taking   in   Cork   City on   the   way   .   You   will   Kiss   the   Blarney   Stone and then talk forever . ! Blarney   has   great   shops   and   lovely   pubs   .   . Depart for Kinsale for lunch and walkabout . Return   to   Cobh   and   spend   time   at   the   Heritage Centre and lovely town of Cobh .

Dingle - Slea Head Tour

The   Dingle   Peninsula   with   its   rugged   Atlantic coastline   and   is   scattered   with   forts,   dry   stone walls,     and     pre-historic     huts     such     as     the Gallarus   Oratory.   Irish   heritage   is   maintained in   this   Irish   (Gaelic)   speaking   region   including traditional    music.    Dingle    is    famous    for    its spectacular      scenery,      the      peninsula      also supports   both   a   rare   and   unique   assortment   of flora    and    fauna.    Slea    Head    is    the    most westerly    point    in    Europe,    looking    towards America.   There   are   splendid   views   around   Slea Head,   especially   of   the   Blasket   Islands   and   the scattered rocks. The   Great   Blasket   island,   was   evacuated   in   the 1950's,   and   produced   a   number   of   books   in Irish   -   a   best-seller,   translated   as   20   Years   A Growing     by     Maurice     O'     Sullivan,     and     a masterpiece,     The     Island     man     by     Thomas O'Crohan.    In    this    century    some    60    books, mostly    in    Irish,    have    been    written    in    the immediate area. The   Dingle   countryside   is   also   famous   for   the making of film Ryan's Daughter. The   film   Far   and Away was also made here.

Killarney Valley Tour

Enjoy    the    spectacular    Killarney    Valley,    begin with    a    hike,    cycle,    pony    ride    or    traditional jaunting car through the glacial Gap of Dunloe. The    day    begins    with    a    coach    ride    to    Kate Kearney's     Cottage     where,     you     then     travel through   the   7   mile   Gap   of   Dunloe   mountain   pass on   horseback,   horse-drawn   trap   or   on   foot   if   so desired,   to   Lord   Brandons   Cottage   on   the   shore of the Upper Lake. Have   Lunch   at   Lord   Brandons   Cottage   before departing   by   boat   through   each   of   Killarney's three   Lakes,   arriving   at   the   15th   Century   Ross Castle,   where   your   transport   awaits   to   return you to Killarney.

Cliffs of Moher Tour

The   Cliffs   of   Moher   which   are   214   meters   at their   highest   point   and   stretch   for   8km   along the   Atlantic   coastline.   You   also   get   to   explore a     small     section     of     the     Burren,     a     karst landscape   which   is   home   to   three   quarters   of Ireland’s species of flowers. Other   attractions   include   Doolin   village   Fanore Beach and Galway bay. This   Cliffs   of   Moher   one   day   tour   is   packed with    Attractions    and    is    sure    to    satisfy    any traveller!  

Group and Private Tours

Tours can be arranged for any size from 1 to 50 people, with attention to detail by Ann O’Dowd at all times. • Day Tours to visitor attractions and sightseeing. • Ship to Shore day tours from any cruise ship. • Bespoke tours tailored to your needs.
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